11/24/2014 Papa John’s pizza is pretty good

Woke up at 10am today but didn’t feel like getting out of bed so I repeatedly set my alarm back 1-2 hours at a time over and over and kept sleeping in until 3pm before I woke up, showered, and went to work delivering pizza until 11:30pm and got some pretty good tips tonight even though it’s a Monday; Overall I thought I had a pretty good day ahaha.


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11/23/2014 I need to sleep more

I was suppose to go to sleep early tonight after getting home from my first shift (working as a delivery driver at a Papa John’s pizza place near my place) but ended up catching up on all the anime that aired this weekend and playing Kancolle again until 4am all because plans of going to university tomorrow morning to play Weiss Schwarz with a friend fell through so I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore.

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04/08/2014 Status update

I’m back in Vancouver… after 3 months away in Taiwan.

I can’t go back to university until September… because I dropped my courses too late and currently owe Kwantlen $2000.00 CAD for courses I didn’t attend and I’m currently trying to get that shit appealed and omitted.

My new room is a mess and everything I own, both physical and digital, are scattered everywhere… because the house I used to live in Surrey kicked me out shortly after I left for Taiwan.

I owe a shit ton of money to my bank, my cellular provider, my internet service provider, and my sister… because I lost my part time job back in October 2013 and haven’t been paying any of my bills properly since.

[FFF] Non Non Biyori - 09 [24B328B5].mkv_snapshot_11.13_[2014.04.07_06.25.30]

I want to just go hug my Iku-chan dakimakura and take a nap forever.

04/03/2014 Finally back in Vancouver

I got back to Vancouver tonight at around 7:30PM, had dinner at a crappy expensive pasta place in Richmond, went home, took a shower, played some kancolle (finally got Yuudachi to level 55) until 4am, and slept with my new Iku dakimakura that I bought from WARSHIP GIRLS ONLY in Taipei. I really didn’t do much else worth mentioning.


02/23/2014 艦隊これくしょん

I started playing Kancolle (aka 艦隊これくしょん) last week. That is the reason why I haven’t been updating my journal at all these days. Also my uncle (aunt Eunice’s husband) helped me set up my own unlimited data plan using my grandpa’s plan so that was definitely a factor as well. Writing journal entries was what I did to kill time during periods when I didn’t have any internet access. That said… I don’t have much to write about for this past week. Grandma’s condition is still the same, grandpa still doesn’t remember much, and I still have a lot of free time (most of which I now spend on kancolle). Ever since Kenny left I haven’t had much to do except sit at home on the computer and read manga. I’m not going to lie, that’s how things have been for the past week. I just wanted to write this entry to remind myself that I still DO want to keep track of my own life.

Here are some screenshots of my current fleet for good measure.

02/13/2014 Taipei and Kenny and Yakiniku


Got out of bed around this time, showered, got dressed, then called a taxi to drive me to Hsinchu train station.


Took a train to Taipei. I managed to get seat this time. Bought some sushi rolls, a sandwich, and a bottle of strawberry milk tea from 7-Eleven for lunch. I spent the 1 hour or so train ride reading School Rumble this time.


Met up with Kenny and Minnie at the Taipei station underground mall and went to the butler cafe called Chitty Mood (chitty chitty bang bang) we saw last time for lunch some food.

The two butlers here were named if I recall correctly… Byakuya and Takeshi with the latter being a million times better looking than the former. This was a fairly disappointing experience. I ordered a plain waffle for (100 TWD), Kenny got a bacon and beef lasagna for (260 TWD), Minnie got a chocolate waffle (150 TWD), and we all chipped in for a pot of fruit tea (200 TWD).  The food was extremely overpriced, came in extremely small portions, and didn’t taste very good. I don’t understand how you can make a bad waffle. The service wasn’t even that good… aside from the fact that the butlers would cut your food for you into small bite sized chunks when they served it.

Kenny was pretty pissed we weren’t allowed to take any photos with or of the butlers even as patrons… so he pretended to take a selfie with Minnie and snuck in a photo of Takeshi cutting our food for us.


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