04/08/2014 Status update

I’m back in Vancouver… after 3 months away in Taiwan.

I can’t go back to university until September… because I dropped my courses too late and currently owe Kwantlen $2000.00 CAD for courses I didn’t attend and I’m currently trying to get that shit appealed and omitted.

My new room is a mess and everything I own, both physical and digital, are scattered everywhere… because the house I used to live in Surrey kicked me out shortly after I left for Taiwan.

I owe a shit ton of money to my bank, my cellular provider, my internet service provider, and my sister… because I lost my part time job back in October 2013 and haven’t been paying any of my bills properly since.

[FFF] Non Non Biyori - 09 [24B328B5].mkv_snapshot_11.13_[2014.04.07_06.25.30]

I want to just go hug my Iku-chan dakimakura and take a nap forever.

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