04/03/2014 Finally back in Vancouver

I got back to Vancouver tonight at around 7:30PM, had dinner at a crappy expensive pasta place in Richmond, went home, took a shower, played some kancolle (finally got Yuudachi to level 55) until 4am, and slept with my new Iku dakimakura that I bought from WARSHIP GIRLS ONLY in Taipei. I really didn’t do much else worth mentioning.



4 thoughts on “04/03/2014 Finally back in Vancouver

  1. Welcome back.

    On somewhat related news, I took an extended break from kancolle b/c I got bored of leveling up my destroyers and subs. Grinding can’t get anymore painful than this.

    On even more remotely-related news, I got LINE but haven’t used it at all lol. I think I’m using the same username as the one you see here. Welp, shoot me a msg or invite or something.

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