02/13/2014 Taipei and Kenny and Yakiniku


Got out of bed around this time, showered, got dressed, then called a taxi to drive me to Hsinchu train station.


Took a train to Taipei. I managed to get seat this time. Bought some sushi rolls, a sandwich, and a bottle of strawberry milk tea from 7-Eleven for lunch. I spent the 1 hour or so train ride reading School Rumble this time.


Met up with Kenny and Minnie at the Taipei station underground mall and went to the butler cafe called Chitty Mood (chitty chitty bang bang) we saw last time for lunch some food.

The two butlers here were named if I recall correctly… Byakuya and Takeshi with the latter being a million times better looking than the former. This was a fairly disappointing experience. I ordered a plain waffle for (100 TWD), Kenny got a bacon and beef lasagna for (260 TWD), Minnie got a chocolate waffle (150 TWD), and we all chipped in for a pot of fruit tea (200 TWD).  The food was extremely overpriced, came in extremely small portions, and didn’t taste very good. I don’t understand how you can make a bad waffle. The service wasn’t even that good… aside from the fact that the butlers would cut your food for you into small bite sized chunks when they served it.

Kenny was pretty pissed we weren’t allowed to take any photos with or of the butlers even as patrons… so he pretended to take a selfie with Minnie and snuck in a photo of Takeshi cutting our food for us.



We spent the next hour or so wandering around the underground mall. Kenny won a Turbo (the pixar film) plushie from one of the UFO catchers in 3 tries and was EXTREMELY pleased with himself.

I wandered around like last time taking photos of things I want to go back and buy whilst barely managing to restrain myself from impulse buying.



We left the underground mall and arrived in Ximending at around this time. I dragged the two of them to the animate! store in the area, bought some bubble tea, and didn’t do much else or I don’t remember.


We went to a Japanese yakiniku restaurant owned by Minnie’s uncle appropriately named nico nico yakiniku for dinner. I was suppose to part ways with them here (didn’t want to intrude) and go get some 100 TWD ramen for dinner or something but Minnie’s uncle and grandfather invited me in. The food there was amazing. I ate so much meat, got to drink some sapporo, had a nice chat with Minnie’s grandfather, and since it was close to Valentine’s Day managed to get some dating advice from Minnie.


After dinner we wandered around and window shopped some more. I bid Kenny farewell around this time and we awkwardly hugged really tight for Minnie to photograph. I’m not sure if I want to see it on facebook.


After parting ways I went back to the animate! store and browsed the LASHINGBANG section inside for previously owned doujinshi and CDs. I picked out two random Utsuho doujin for 100 TWD each simply because I liked the title from a circle I’d never heard of before.


On my way out I caved a little and ended up buying the 03/2014 issue of Nyan TYPE (350 TWD) and a supercell single (180 TWD).



I also went to KT’s Anime Shop (the most prominent anime good store in Ximending) as a last stop. Despite spending a good while browsing I couldn’t find anything worth spending money on except for a Fancy Frontier guidebook. I figured if I was going to attend this weekend I might as well spend some time figuring out how to not get myself killed where to go exactly. I found out afterwards that the guidebook comes with entry passes for both days too along with a bunch of coupons for certain dealers.


I caved in just a little more before I left Ximending and spent 80 TWD on a Attack on Titan gacha. I would have been perfectly fine with any of them EXCEPT for the colossal titan… and guess what I got?


Yep. The fucking colossal titan.



I got on the train from Taipei to Hsinchu around this time. It was so late that all of the seats were sold out and I had to stand for nearly the entire trip.


I got home around this time, showered, spent some time reading the two Utsuho doujin I bought, and tried to go to sleep.


I couldn’t sleep… so I took a walk to the nearby 7-Eleven again for some oden and drinks (coffee milk and black tea), turned on the computer again, and played Skyrim until I felt tired enough to go back to bed.


I think I went to sleep around this time.

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