02/12/2014 Wednesday

Today was one of those days where nothing really happened.


Aunt Eunice went to Taipei today so a family friend who used to work for my grandpa (I’m going to call her Mrs.Chen) came to pick me, my grandpa, and Yadi (an Indonesian girl who take care of my grandparents and lives with us) up to go to the hospital and visit grandma. Mrs. Chen didn’t talk very much. Even though I’ve known her since I was still in elementary school I still don’t think I know her very well (not that it matters).


We had wonton noodle soup for lunch.

After lunch I went on the computer and started browsing through my saved pictures folder… then spent the next two hours trying to reorganize my 6000+ illustrations photos and screenshots collection. I didn’t get very far.

I ended up moving all of my images in the folders I had organized them in before out into the My Pictures root folder except for a few important folders like NSFW, Wallpaper, and Screenshots.

Screenshot (66)

I then started to sift through all of the images that don’t belong in the remaining folders and delete ones that I didn’t particularly like / or don’t like as much anymore (keep in mind these are images that have survived countless reformats over the years to the point where I don’t even know what is what anymore). The idea was that once I finished sifting through everything I would find a third party program like danbooru (if I can figure how to download and install it on my computer) to organize my images instead of using windows explorer with folders.

Ideally I want to figure out a way to sync my online danbooru account favourites with my local image collection. It would be amazing if I could favourite an image online and have it automatically downloaded to my local collection with tags and everything included.


I gave up after two hours and went to take a nap. I’ll continue working on this idea another day when I don’t have internet.


Woke up. My aunt got back from Taipei. We had dinner then went to the hospital again as usual to visit grandma.

On the way back from the hospital we stopped by a night stand and bought some deep fried chicken, squid, and taro rice cakes.

I also stopped by the usual manga cafe to return some manga as well as rent some new ones. I got some more volumes of Noragami, Aku No Hana, Inari Konkon Koi Iroha, and School Rumble this time.

I wanted to spend the rest of my evening reading manga… but had to help my aunt figure how how to tether her iphone to her old desktop that she’d brought back from Taipei. I wasted way too much time than I should have.


This was around the time I finished writing my journal entry. Today was a boring day (at least now I can go read some manga before going to sleep).


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