02/02/2014 Sunday


Heh ever since my aunt Eunice got unlimited data on her iphone I’ve been using it to tether for internet, which is why I haven’t been updating my journal as much. That said… I don’t think I did anything productive either. If I had to break down what I did the first two days I got internet back… it would probably look something like 40% twitter/facebook, 20% researching Japanese voice actresses on whether or not they’ve done any eroge VNs, 20% tracking down where to download aforementioned eroge with voice actresses I like cough, 10% watching anime/hentai, 10% doing research on university courses for next semester. AT LEAST SOME OF IT WAS PRODUCTIVE.


4 thoughts on “02/02/2014 Sunday

  1. For some reason I received notification for all of your posts at the same time. Oh well.

    Sounds like stuff have been tough lately. I’m not an expert in stress management, but I don’t think the whole situation is worth stressing yourself over. Take everything at face-value, and handle things as they come, then move on with life once you can put everything behind.

    Also, that thing about VA and VN, I know what you mean yo. I keep going through VNs and go “…this voice, I know this voice…I KNOW YOUR VOICE…but who are you??” and it would bug me forever because I’m too lazy to look it up the internet. Except Itou shizuka and Gotouza sama, they have the same voice everywhere.

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